Whatever your connection to music - I can help you and your passion for music do the biz!

Like you, I have a passion for music and the pleasure and joy it gives to all it touches. Often our journey of creating, playing and sharing music may start as a hobby – something we do because our heart and soul connects with it. Though for some of us, and I guess this probably applies to you, the desire to get more with our talents and passion may lead us to consider making this a bigger part of our lives – and inevitably generate an income from the craft form we produce and share.

If you want to make money from your talent, music and performing, then I can help you on this journey. I too have chosen to combine some of my talents and experience – such as business know-how and sales and marketing - and put them to good use in an area and industry I love. Whatever your connection with music, my straightforward and practical business guidance and support can help you – whether you are taking your first step to making some money from your music, need some help in operating your passion as a business, or are more established and require some mentoring and business support.

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You can also find out more about my evolving career as a DJ and presenter on the Thirst4funk page.


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